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Complications Gallbladder stones

Complications of Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder stones disease is common; Ultrasound abdomen is the commonest investigation for any abdomen complaint and the result being the incidence of asymptomatic gallbladder stones is also increasing, Incidence of gallbladder stones is more in females,here are various theories about formation of gallbladder stones
It is said that in 90% of patients the first complaint of gallbladder stone is right upper abdomen pain and after the first episode the frequency of pain abdomen increases and so the complication rate,In 10% of patients, the first presentation can be one of the complications of gallbladder stone; The complications of gallbladder stones include jaundice/cholangitis/pancreatitis/cancer gallbladder/fistulous communication to nearby organs
When the stone in the gallbladder pass to common bile duct through cystic duct patient can have just jaundice if it simply obstruct the CBD lumen and prevent passage of bile from CBD to duodenum; This obstruction when leads to infection patient will have fever and it is called as cholangitis which is a serious condition and patient may develop septic shock and require urgent biliary drainage; Biliary pancreatitis is another life threatening complication, it is said that passage of stone lower down causes temporary blockage of pancreatic secretions and can cause pancreatitis
Long-standing inflammation anywhere in the body predispose to cancer so in case of gallbladder stone; Gallbladder stone is known risk factor for cancer gallbladder

The Pear-Shaped Gallbladder Sits Below The Liver In The Upper Right Hand Corner Of The Abdomen. It Is Connected To The Liver And To The Small Intestine By Several Tubes Called Bile Ducts. Its Purpose Is To Store Bile Liquid Which Is Produced By The Liver That Helps Us Digest Fat. Illustration Complications Of Gallstones Pancreas