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FNAC in Cancer Gallbladder

Incidence of Cancer Gallbladder is more in North India, Gallbladder stone disease is one of the risk factor ; Most of the patients are elderly but the incidence is increasing in young population also; Most common complain is right sided upper abdomen pain along with anorexia and weight loss, patient can have jaundice when mass in the neck causes compression over the hilum
The most common investigation in pain abdomen is ultrasound abdomen; The findings on ultrasound abdomen are focal thickening in gallbladder, mass in the gallbladder; whenever there is suspicious on ultrasound it should be followed by CECT abdomen which gives more information, PET scan is not done routinely but in high risk patients it can be done
The standard treatment in suspected Cancer Gallbladder is Surgery and intra-operative frozen section; Fine needle aspiration cytology is only done in advanced cancer for Neo-adjuvant therapy or metastatic Gallbladder Cancer if planned for palliative chemotherapy; in patients with jaundice pre-op biliary drainage is required if major liver resection is planned

Cancer Gallbladder