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Hepatocellular Cancer


The most common lesion seen in liver on ultrasound is hemangioma; Whenever in doubt of the diagnosis triple phase CT abdomen should be done to confirm it; Patient symptoms should not be related to hemangioma because it is seen on ultrasound until and unless other pathologies is ruled out, It is a benign condition and usually does not require any intervention; Only large symptomatic hemangiomas require intervention.

Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Liver Abscess

Liver abscess is generally of two types one is pyogenic and other is Amoebic, Most commonly patients present with fever and right-sided upper abdomen pain; Ultrasound abdomen is the first investigation in pain abdomen which will suggest the diagnosis, it will tell number and size of the abscess, whenever in doubt triple phase CT abdomen should be done because many times other liver pathology may be misdiagnosed as liver abscess, Once diagnosed appropriate antibiotics should be started, At initial stage abscess are solidified so Percutaneous drainage will not be effective, so in case of large abscess once it is liquified PCD can be done, Sometimes patient present with features of ruptured liver abscess such as diffuse pain abdomen, high grade fever in these cases Laparoscopic peritoneal lavage with liver abscess drainage should be done.

Simple Liver Cyst

Hepatic Adenoma

Liver Resection

Hydatid cyst Liver