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Pancreas Disease Caused By Alcohol Intake

1. Which Pancreatic Disease is not related to Alcohol intake

Alcohol intake damage many organs of our body and pancreas is one of them, Pancreas is one of the vital organ of our body which has got two main functions, one is secretion of digestive enzymes and other is regulation of blood sugar level Short term alcohol intake can cause acute pancreatitis which is acute inflammatory condition of the pancreas, Most of the cases are mild pancreatitis and resolve; But severe pancreatitis can be life threatening; Stopping alcohol intake prevent further episodes of pancreatitis Long term alcohol intake and repeated episodes of acute pancreatitis can cause chronic pancreatitis which is an irreversible condition and patient suffer from frequent and severe pain abdomen, Loss of functional pancreatic tissue can give rise to diabetes and digestive enzymes deficiency; Chronic pancreatitis is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer.