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Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery

The incidence of obesity is increasing, Lifestyle and dietary changes has made young population vulnerable to this disease and result being more and more young population with high BMI are being referred for Bariatric Surgery
Young females with high BMI being referred for Bariatric Surgery have a doubt whether this surgery have an effect on there married life and what about course of Pregnancy after Bariatric Surgery
Marriage after Bariatric Surgery has never been an issue; Infact Infertility associated with obesity improve after weight loss from Bariatric Surgery; There is high incidence of abortions, diabetes, hypertension, fetal growth malformation and cesareans in high BMI pregnant female patinets; Now we have ample data which suggest that incidence of diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy and low birth weight are reduced after this surgery
Most of the weight loss after Bariatric Surgery occur in the first 12 months thats why it is recommended to weight atleast 12 months after this surgery for conception; This is based on the fact that pregnancy during a period of malnutrition can lead to low birth weight or malformations