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Jaundice: Should I Consult Physician or Surgeon?

Jaundice occurs when there are excess biliary pigments in our blood; Bile is produced in the liver and through the bile duct it reaches to duodenum where its main function is fat digestion, The cause of jaundice is Surgical or Obstructive when there is obstruction in the bile duct and bile does not reach up to duodenum and get accumulated in our blood; It can be due to external compression of bile ducts or internal obstruction due to stone, cancer or stricture

Clinically patient has itching and pale colored stools in obstructive jaundice; Blood tests show high direct bilirubin level and increased alkaline phosphatase levels; Dilated biliary channels on ultrasound confirm obstruction as cause of jaundice and also show site and cause of obstruction; MRI and Endoscopic Ultrasound are done when in doubt. 

Treatment depends on the cause of obstruction, Most common cause is CBD stone and the treatment of choice is ERCP and stone removal