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Pancreas Cancer Awareness Programmen: Know Risk Factors/ Symptoms/ Diagnosis & Treatment

Pancreatic cancer is one of the digestive organ cancer which has got low survival rate; Most of these patients give history of smoking; Weight loss & Anorexia are the earliest symptoms and signs; Recent onset diabetes may the only sign of pancreatic cancer; Consult with Pancreas Cancer doctor/Pancreas cancer specialist at this stage may help in early diagnosis, treatment at early stage carry a good prognosis; The aim of this programme is to raise awareness about preventive measures of pancreas cancer as we all know prevention is better than cure; early symptoms and signs of pancreas cancer and recent advancement in diagnosis and treatment of pancreas cancer

For all these queries consult with GI Surgeon/ Gastrointestinal Surgeon/ Oncosurgeon/ Pancreas Cancer Surgeon/ Pancreas specialist