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Gastric (Stomach) Cancer: Symptoms, Investigations & Treatment

The incidence of stomach cancer is increasing, Dietary factors predispose to gastric cancer, Patient can present in different ways, There can be just mild epigastric pain or feeling of lump left upper abdomen, if the tumor obstruct the passage of food patient can have vomitting and if the tumor bleed patient can have black colored stools and symptoms of anemia such as weakness; Anorexia and weight loss are common

Ultrasound is the first investigation in any abdominal complaints, which may show a mass in the stomach; Upper GI endoscopy show the mass in the stomach and biopsy can be taken, once the diagnosis is confirmed CECT abdomen is done for staging and if the tumor is resectable surgery is the treatment of choice

Intra-op staging laparoscopy is the first step and if there is no metastases definitive surgical procedure is performed, depending on the location of tumor either radical distal/sub-total/complete gastrectomy is performed