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What is Biliary Stricture

Bile is produced in the liver and through the common bile duct bile reaches into the duodenum where it helps in fat digestion; The narrowing of common bile duct is biliary stricture; it causes obstruction to the biliary flow and causes jaundice, this jaundice is called as obstructive surgical jaundice as there is obstruction due to which there is jaundice and which require surgical intervention
The cause of narrowing may be benign called as benign biliary stricture or malignant called as malignant biliary stricture; The cause of benign biliary stricture is inflammatory which may be after bile duct injury; External compression over the common bile duct (CBD) like compression from pancreatic head mass or from surrounding lymph nodes can also cause biliary stricture; Primary malignancy or cancer of the common bile duct causing narrowing is malignant biliary stricture
To know more about Biliary stricture Consult GI Surgeon/ Gastrointestinal Surgeon/Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist/GI Oncosurgeon