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What Is Surgical Obstructive Jaundice

Bilirubin pigment is produced in our body after the destruction of Red Blood Cells; This pigment is secreted by the liver in the bile; Bile produced in the liver containing bilirubin pigment goes to the duodenum where it helps in fat digestion (duodenum is part of small intestine )through common bile duct; When there is obstruction to the passage of bile to the duodenum bilirubin pigment gets accumulated in the body giving rise to yellowish discoloration of the sclera and body which is termed as jaundice; Because there is obstruction to the bile flow which require some intervention either endoscopic or surgical to relieve the obstruction to the bile flow thats why it is called as Surgical Obstructive Jaundice
Clinical features which distinguish surgical obstructive jaundice from medical jaundice are that in obstructive jaundice patient will have pale colored stool, itching because of deposition of bile salts and Liver function tests (LFT) will reveal increased direct bilirubin level and increase alkaline phosphate level; Ultrasound abdomen can show the site of obstruction and reason of obstruction with dilated biliary tracts; MRI/MRCP abdomen is done which give more information
Consult GI Surgeon/ Gastrointestinal Surgeon/Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist/GI Oncosurgeon to know more about Surgical Obstructive Jaundice