Acute Corrosive Esophagus Injury

The incidence of corrosive esophagus injury has decreased. Mostly it is accidental and seen in children. Suicidal ingestion is seen in adults. It is of two types acid and alkali. Alkali because of its adhesive property causes esophagus injury. Acid ingestion causes mainly gastric injury

First-aid management of Acute Corrosive esophagus injury

First step is ABC that is airway breathing circulation maintenance. If required tracheostomy should be done. Patient should be kept nil per mouth. No attempt should be done to put a ryles tube. Intravenous fluid should be started, Vitals should be monitored. No role of upper GI endoscopy at acute corrosive esophagus injury. X-ray Chest and abdomen should be done to look for pneumo-mediastinum and gas under diaphragam. If the patient condition remain stable should be allowed liquids one he is able to swallow saliva comfortably

Role of Surgery in Acute Corrosive Esophagus Injury

If patient general condition is good, vitals are stable and there is difficulty in swallowing after 7-10 days of ingestion then feeding jejunostomy can be done to start nutrition
If patient condition deteriorates CECT chest and abdomen should be done for esophagus and stomach or other organ perforation or necrosis. If present then damage control surgery should be done. No attempt to restore the bowel continuity should be done at this critical condition of the patient

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