Best Gallbladder Stone Specialist: Allopathy or Homeopathy

Best Gallbladder stone specialist is Laparoscopic surgeon as the only treatment of gallbladder stone is surgery which is done laparoscopically because of its advantages.

Gallbladder Stone Prevention

Various theories have been given regarding formation of gallbladder stone. No preventive method has been recommended. Other than allopathy doctors many other may claim about prevention of gallbladder stone but in really it is not. It does not run in family. Family history of gallbladder stone does not increase the risk

How to Diagnose Gallbladder stone

Ultrasound abdomen is the most common investigation done for any pain in the abdomen. Ultrasound is also most sensitive diagnostic tool for diagnosis of gallbladder stone disease

Affect of Gallbladder stone on Digestion

Gallbladder stone has no adverse effect on digestion. After diagnosis of gallbladder stone most patients think that this may be the reason for there digestive problem but it is not.

Gallbladder stone complications

Gallbladder stone can cause various complications. Medical literature data suggest that complication rate does not depend on the number and size of the stones. It is presumed by most that acute pancreatitis may be caused by small size stones as these may pass through the cystic duct into common bile duct. Gallbladder cancer risk is associated with large gallbladder stone size

Best Gallbladder stone specialist

Best Gallbladder stone specialist does not mean the one who advice preventive methods. It also does not mean who remove gallbladder stone non-surgically. Best Gallbladder stone specialist are allopathy doctors who remove it surgically. Surgically removal of whole of gallbladder is the only recommended treatment worldwide

Life after Gallbladder removal

Gallbladder is not a vital organ of our body. The only function of gallbladder is bile storage. Primary formation of bile is in the liver. After removal of gallbladder bile reach to intestine for fat digestion in continuous fashion through liver. It has been shown that body adapt to this mode of fat digestion gradually and dose not have any adverse long term outcome

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