Bowel Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Screening & Treatment

What is bowel Cancer or Intestine Cancer

Bowel cancer is a general term used for large intestine cancer. It is also called as colo-rectal cancer. From management point of view it is divided into colon cancer and rectal cancer as rectal cancer are sensitive to radiotherapy whereas colon cancer are poor sensitive to radiotherapy

Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

Blood in stool: It may be fresh blood or blackish stool and may or may not be associated with other symptoms
Change in bowel habits: Patient may complain of altered bowel habits, constipation altering with diarrhoea
Pain abdomen: It is generally localized to the site of cancer. Patient may develop generalized pain abdomen with distension in case of large bowel obstruction
These symptoms are associated with anorexia and weight loss

Causes of Bowel Cancer

Age is the most common risk factor. Incidence is more after the age of 50 year. Diet high in red or processed meats and low in fibre, obesity, lack of physical activity, alcohol, smoking all increases risk . Family history before the age of 50 year and personal history of inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis increases the risk for bowel cancer

Bowel cancer screening

The purpose of screening is to identify cancer at early stage. Starting from age of 50 year full length colonoscopy is advise in all normal risk population. It is advised at earlier age in high risk patients such as patients with family history of colo-rectal cancer, personal history of inflammatory bowel disease


Surgical resection is the preferred treatment is the cancer is resectable and patient is fit for surgery. For locally advance rectal tumors chemo-radiotherapy before surgery has shown good results
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