Colon Cancer: Symptoms & Diagnosis

Colon cancer arises from the inner lining of the large bowel. It can be familial in which there is family history of cancer diagnosed before age of 50 year. It can be hereditary in which there is family history along with other cancer are also present. Sporadic cancer arise in normal risk patients. It is mainly seen after age of 50 years but incidence is increasing in young population also. Screening programme for early detection of colon is recommended at the age of 50 year. Full length colonoscopy is done at this age for detection of cancer or colonic polyp

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Altered bowel habit  that is constipation altering with diarrhea is common. Right sided cancer have a tendency of bleed. Patients with cancer located at this site will have symptoms of anemia. Cancer on left side present with features of intestinal obstruction such as abdomen distension, vomitting. Anorexia and Weight loss are common. Advanced cancer patients may have just abdomen pain and distension due to ascites. Patients with liver mets will have pain right upper abdomen

Colon Cancer Diagnosis

The main stay of diagnosis is colonoscopy. It will tell the site of cancer, any synchronous cancer in the colon, and biopsy taken will confirm the diagnosis. Full length Colonoscopy is must as it will detect synchronous tumor also. There is high incidence of synchronous lesion in colonic cancer patients. Sometimes patient present with intestinal obstruction in which full length colonoscopy cannot be done. In these patients colonoscopy is done 2-3 months post surgery to identify any synchronous lesion in the colon

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