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Liver Cancer Awareness by Best GI Surgeon Delhi Noida India

Best GI Surgeon Delhi Noida India Dr Amit Jain is organizing a Liver Cancer Awareness camp. The aim of this camp is to raise awareness among common public about the causes of increased incidence of Liver Cancer. Most causes of Liver cancer such as Hepatits B & C infection are easily preventable. Raise awareness about liver diseases caused by alcohol intake. Significance of healthy life style for healthy liver as obesity causing fatty liver will be the most common cause of Liver failure and Cancer in the future

Know all your queries on Liver Cancer by Best GI Surgeon Delhi Noida India

If you have any query on Liver Cancer, its diagnosis and treatment all your queries will be answered by Dr Amit jain. Latest treatment guidelines on liver cancer, Chemotherapy for Liver cancer and so

Best GI Surgeon Delhi Noida IndiaLiver cancer Screening

Information will be given regarding Liver Cancer Screening Programme. The aim of screening is for early detection of liver cancer in high risk patients. Thees patients are of chronic liver disease. In these patients regular ultrasound and blood tests are done

Dr Amit completed MCh in GI Surgery from GB Pant Hospital in New Delhi. Pant Hospital is one of the very few institute for GI Surgery programme in India. Dr Amit Jain is trained in Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery. He has vast experience both clinically and academic in the field of GI Surgery.He is Senior Consultant Dept of GI Surgery at Max Hospital Vaishali Ghaziabad and Patparganj Delhi

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