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GERD Prevention Best Gastroenterologist Noida

This Camp is being organized about GERD Prevention. Best Gastroenterologist Noida will answer all your queries. The cause of increasing incidence of GERD or reflux disease is change in our life style. Physical inactivity and obesity contribute most.

GERD Prevention Best Gastroenterologist Noida

GERD or reflux disease is very common. Incidence is rising. Main cause is change in our lifestyle. Prevention is always better tha cure. Regular exercise and weight control are two major preventive methods

Best Gastroenterologist NoidaThis camp is to educate common public about various causes of reflux and simple preventive methods

GERD Causes Best Gastroenterologist Noida

It is very much important to know about the causes of GERD. There is a sphincter at the lower end of the esophagus which prevents reflux. Anatomic abnormality of this sphincter can cause reflux. There are various factors which can weaken this sphincter. Obesity can compromise it. Some medications, stress, various foods can cause reflux by decreasing the tone of this sphincter

Diagnosis of GERD

Know about various diagnostic tools for proper diagnosis of reflux disease by best gastroenterologist noida

Upper GI Endoscopy is the most common investigation for suspected GERD. It will show the damage caused by reflux and its cause. The gold standard test to diagnose GERD is 24 hr ph study test

Treatment of GERD

Best Gastroenterologist Noida will answer various treatment modalities for GERD. First step is prevention. The most common medication prescribed for treatment of reflux disease is proton pump inhibitors. Patients who respond well to these medications are best candidate for surgery. Surgical option available is Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication

Complications of GERD

It can cause various complications. Esophagitis is the most common complication. Long standing reflux is risk factor for esophagus cancer. It can cause extra-esophagus symptoms like cough, hoarseness of voice

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