GI Cancer Surgery

Laparoscopic GI Cancer Surgery

There are so many advantages of Laparoscopy in Abdominal surgery; Minimal incision, Less Pain, early mobility, reduced chest infections, early enteral feeding; All these help in early recovery in the post-operative period and after the introduction of Laparoscopic Surgery it has been proved that there has been marked reduction in the post-operative morbidity and mortality Cancer Surgery is different from surgery done for benign disease, Like for Gallbladder, simple cholecystectomy is done for Gallbladder stone disease but for Gallbladder Cancer, Radical cholecystectomy is done in which gallbladder is removed along with part of the liver and surrounding lymph nodes that is cancer surgery is done on oncological principle Initially when laparoscopy surgery was started for cancer disease also there were issues like the expertize require for complete lymphadenectomy and port site metastases; But with experience and data it has been proved that Laparoscopy surgery in Abdominal