Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms You Must Know

Gallbladder Cancer incidence is more in Northern part of India. It is important to know gallbladder cancer symptoms. If we know these symptoms we may consult to doctor early and have early diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment is key for long term survival rate in gallbladder cancer patients.

Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

The most common Gallbladder cancer symptom is pain localized to right upper abdomen. Anorexia and weight loss are common symptoms as seen in other cancer. Gallbladder cancer patients can present with gastric outlet obstruction symptom that is vomiting. It occur when gallbladder cancer involve gastric antrum or pylorus or duodenum. When cancer involve hilum it can cause biliary obstruction leading to jaundice. This jaundice is called as surgical obstructive jaundice. Its feature are generally it is painless, dark colored urine and pale colored stools. Gallbladder cancer can involve hepatic flexure of colon. When it involve colon patient present with feature of large bowel obstruction like abdomen distension, non-passage of flatus and motion. Metastatic gallbladder cancer present with abdomen distension in the form of ascites.

Gallbladder Cancer Diagnosis

When patient present with gallbladder cancer symptoms first line of investigation is USG whole abdomen. It will detect any mass in the gallbladder or any focal thickening. CECT abdomen is done for local tumor invasion and distant metastases.

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

The standard treatment is surgery if tumor is resectable. Surgery done is radical cholecystectomy in which Gallbladder is removed along with Liver wedge and lyphadenectomy is done.

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