Gallbladder stone surgery cost

Gallbladder stone disease is common. Gallbladder stone surgery cost varies from one institute to other. In big corporate hospital it also varies according to room category which patient choose. Single room charge is more compared to sharing room

Clinical features of Gallbladder stone

Most common complain is pain right upper abdomen. Pain is colicky, mild to moderate in intensity and non-radiating. When ultrasound abdomen is done for such complaints gallbladder stones are diagnosed. This is called as symptomatic cholelithiasis.

Complications of gallbladder stone

Acute pancreatitis, jaundice, cholangitis, pyocele gallbladder are common complications. The incidence of complications is independent of the number and size of stones. However it is believed that small stones are more prone for pancreatitis as small stones may pass through cystic duct. Large stones are risk factor for gallbladder cancer

Indication for surgery in Gallbladder stone

Symptomatic cholelithiasis is indication for surgery. It is said once symptomatic the complication rate of gallbladder stone increases. In asymptomatic gallbladder stone also some recommend surgery as morbidity due to gallbladder stone complication is more rather then leaving it.

Surgery for Gallbladder stone

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the standard surgical procedure for gallbladder stone disease. Most of the patients have a doubt whether whole of the gallbladder or only the stones in the gallbladder are removed. Unlike kidney stones, in gallstones whole of the gallbladder is removed. Gallbladder has already lost its function in gallbladder stone disease.

Gallbladder stone surgery cost in India

Cost for Gallstone surgery in India Delhi Noida Ghaziabad NCR varies. It may be between Rs 50,000 to 1,50,000. Cost varies from one hospital such as Max Hospital Patparganj or vaishali or Fortis Hospital and also varies depending on room category.

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