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Role of Gastroenterologist in Gastro Intestinal Cancer

Best Palliative Care by Gastroenterologist for Advance GI Cancer

Surgery is the treatment of choice in gastrointestinal cancers if the tumor is resectable and patient is fit for surgery. Gastroenterologist play important role if the tumor is advanced and metastatic. These patients require treatment for there symptoms. Best way of palliation of symptoms is minimally invasive approach

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Palliation of Upper GI Cancers Symptoms by Gastroenterologist

Dysphagia is the most common symptom of esophagus cancer and the best way of palliation is endoscopic placement of esophagus stent across the site of obstruction.In similar way in patients of stomach cancer and duodenal cancer who have gastric outlet obstruction and have vomitting, stent can be placed across the obstruction site and vomitting can be relieved
Patients of esophagus and stomach cancer can present with hematemesis or melena. It indicate tumor site bleed. Many a times these bleeds can be controlled endoscopically

Palliation of Lower GI Cancer Symptoms by Gastroenterologist

Growth in the colon or rectum can cause bowel obstruction.Many a times these patients present in emergency with features of large bowel obstruction such as abdomen distension, vomitting, not passage of flatus and motion. When investigated further are found to have advanced colo-rectal cancer. In these patients endoscopically stent can be placed and obstruction can be relieved. A major surgery can be avoided in these patients

Palliation of Hepato-biliary Cancer symptoms by Gastroenterologist

Most common hepato-biliary cancer symptom which require palliation is jaundice. Jaundice is either due to primary cancer such as cholangiocarcinoma or it may be caused by external compression by nearby organ malignancy. Gallbladder neck mass, periampullary cancer, pancreatic head mass malignancy are common GI Cancer which can cause jaundice.Endoscopic internal biliary stenting is best palliation for these patients

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