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Laparoscopic Gallstone Surgery

Gallstone disease is common. Incidence is more common in female. The Standard Laparoscopic Gallstone Surgery is called as Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. There is no role medications in the treatment of Gallstone

Gallstone Formation

There are various theories regarding the formation of gallstone. There is no definitive preventive method

Gallstone Diagnosis

The main stay of gallstone diagnosis is Ultrasound Abdomen. It will detect the number and size of gallstones. Any associated stones in the Common Bile Duct. Thickening in the gallbladder wall

Laparoscopic Gallstone Surgery
Gallbladder stone treatment

Gallstone Treatment

The standard gallstone treatment is surgical removal of gallbladder. Unlike kidney stones in which only stones are removed in case of gallstones gallbladder is removed. Gallbladder has no major function in our body. Gallbladder which is being removed is already diseased one

Laparoscopic Gallstone Surgery

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the most common abdominal surgery. It is day care surgery in which surgery is done in the early morning and patient can be discharged by the evening

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Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms You Must Know

Gallbladder Cancer incidence is more in Northern part of India. It is important to know gallbladder cancer symptoms. If we know these symptoms we may consult to doctor early and have early diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment is key for long term survival rate in gallbladder cancer patients

Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

The most common Gallbladder cancer symptom is pain localized to right upper abdomen. Anorexia and weight loss are common symptoms as seen in other cancer. Gallbladder cancer patients can present with gastric outlet obstruction symptom that is vomiting. It occur when gallbladder cancer involve gastric antrum or pylorus or duodenum. When cancer involve hilum it can cause biliary obstruction leading to jaundice. This jaundice is called as surgical obstructive jaundice. Its feature are generally it is painless, dark colored urine and pale colored stools. Gallbladder cancer can involve hepatic flexure of colon. When it involve colon patient present with feature of large bowel obstruction like abdomen distension, non-passage of flatus and motion. Metastatic gallbladder cancer present with abdomen distension in the form of ascites

Gallbladder Cancer SymptomsGallbladder Cancer Diagnosis

When patient present with gallbladder cancer symptoms first line of investigation is USG whole abdomen. It will detect any mass in the gallbladder or any focal thickening. CECT abdomen is done for local tumor invasion and distant metastases

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

The standard treatment is surgery if tumor is resectable. Surgery done is radical cholecystectomy in which gallbladder is removed along with liver wedge and lyphadenectomy is done

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Laparoscopic ColoRectal Surgery

Today is era of Laparoscopic Surgery.Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery has evolved gradually and nowadays even Colorectal Cancer surgery are also being done Laparoscopicall

Laparoscopic ColoRectal Surgery for Benign ColoRectal Disease

There are various benign colorectal diseases which are being done Laparoscopically. Common disease include Appendectomy, Right Hemicolectomy for ileo-cecal tuberculosis, Sigmoidectomy for sigmoid diverticular disease

 Laparoscopic ColoRectal SurgeryLaparoscopic ColoRectal Surgery for ColoRectal Cancer

Malignancy can involve any part of colon and rectum. Depending on the site of cancer various colectomies are done. These are called as radical colectomy as lymphadenectomy is also done. For rectal cancer anterior resection is done. Initially there was concern of long term survival rate in colorectal cancer patients being operated Laparoscopically. But now we have enough data which says that there is no difference in recurrence rate and survival rate being operated open or laparoscopic approach

Emergency Laparoscopic ColoRectal Surgery

It Include surgery for large bowel perforation, traumatic large bowel injury and large bowel obstruction


Advantages of Laparoscopy ColoRectal surgery is early recovery.

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ColoRectal Cancer

ColoRectal Cancer incidence is rising.Incidence is more in older age group after the age of 50 year.This cancer has got good prognosis compared to other GI Cancer.

ColoRectal Cancer Symptoms

The most common symptom is altered bowel habits. Fresh Bleeding per rectum is common in rectal cancer. Ascending colon cancer patients may have symptoms of anemia such as weakness. Ascending or Right side colon cancer have a tendency to bleed. Descending or Sigmoid colon cancer patient may present with features of large bowel obstruction. Anorexia and weight loss are common. Advance tumors can have liver metastases and ascites

ColoRectal CancerDiagnosis

The main stay diagnostic tool is colonoscopy. Full length colonoscopy is done as the incidence of synchronous colon cancer is high. Biopsy will confirm the diagnosis


CECT whole abdomen is done. It will determine the resectability of the cancer. CEA is tumor marker for colon cancer. It is used in follow up after surgery for early detection of recurrence


The recommended first line of treatment is surgery. Radical colectomy is done.For Cancer Rectum Anterior Resection surgery is done. Neo-adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy is given for locally advanced rectal cancer. Left sided cancer may present with acute large bowel obstruction. Stent can be placed across the obstruction by the Gastroenterologist

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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

The main stay of gallbladder cancer treatment is Surgery. However surgery is possible in few patients only as most cases are diagnosed in advance stage

Surgery as Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

The recommended treatment of choice for gallbladder cancer is surgery. CECT abdomen is done which give fine details of gallbladder cancer with surrounding structures which help to decide about the resectability of gallbladder cancer. The standard surgery for gallbladder cancer is radical cholecystectomy. Cystic duct margin is sent for frozen section during surgery. If it is positive then Common bile duct is also excised. After CBD excision a Roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy is done

Gallbladder Cancer TreatmentChemotherapy for Gallbladder Cancer

Chemotherapy is given either as palliative treatment for metastatic gallbladder cancer. It is also given to down stage the tumor if locally advanced but resectable tumor.

Endoscopic Stenting

When unresectable gallbladder cancer present with gastric outlet obstruction palliative endoscopic stenting is done. It is done by gastroenterologist.

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Cost in India

It varies from one hospital to other. It also varies according to patient room category. Generally Cost varies from INR 2 lakhs to INR3.5 lakhs

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Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

The standard Gallbladder Cancer Surgery is radical cholecystectomy. Incidence of Gallbladder Cancer is more in North India. Most Commonly seen in old age group and incidence is more in females. Prognosis is poor. Early detection and surgery is best for good survival

Symptoms of Gallbladder Cancer

Most common symptom is pain right upper abdomen. Pain is mild to moderate in nature. Anorexia and Weight loss are common.When the tumor is located at Gallbladder Neck it may obstruct the biliary symptom and can cause jaundice

Gallbladder Cancer SurgeryDiagnosis of Gallbladder Cancer

Ultrasound Abdomen is the most common investigation done for pain abdomen. It will show mass or thickening in the gallbladder. CECT abdomen is done for planning gallbladder cancer surgery as it show relation of tumor to surrounding structures, any lymph nodes and distant metastases. Fine needle aspiration cytology is not done. The only indication for FNAC is tumor unresectability when chemotherapy is planned

Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

Main stay of treatment is Surgery if CECT abdomen suggest tumor is resectable. Gallbladder Cancer Surgery is radical cholecystectomy. In this surgery gallbladder is removed along with liver wedge and lymphadenectomy is done. Cystic duct margin is sent for biopsy intra-op. If biopsy comes to be positive then Common Bile duct excision along with Roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy is done

In Advance or metastatic disease palliative therapy is done. Most common symptom that require palliation is pain abdomen and vomittig. Vomitting occur due to involvement of duodenum. Endoscopically stent is placed across the obstruction site

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Colon Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

Colon cancer arises from the inner lining of the large bowel. It can be familial in which there is family history of cancer diagnosed before age of 50 year. It can be hereditary in which there is family history along with other cancer are also present. Sporadic cancer arise in normal risk patients. It is mainly seen after age of 50 years but incidence is increasing in young population also. Screening programme for early detection of colon is recommended at the age of 50 year. Full length colonoscopy is done at this age for detection of cancer or colon polyp

Colon cancerColon Cancer Symptoms

Altered bowel habit is common. Right sided cancer have a tendency of bleed. Patients with cancer located at this site will have symptoms of anemia. Cancer on left side present with features of intestinal obstruction such as abdomen distension, vomitting. Anorexia and Weight loss are common. Advanced cancer patients may have just abdomen pain and distension due to ascites. Patients with liver mets will have pain right upper abdomen

Colon Cancer Diagnosis

The main stay of diagnosis is colonoscopy. Colonoscopy will tell the site of cancer, any synchronous cancer in the colon, and biopsy taken will confirm the diagnosis. Full length Colonoscopy is must as it will detect synchronous tumor also. There is high incidence of synchronous lesion in colonic cancer patients. Sometimes patient present with intestinal obstruction in which complete colonoscopy cannot be done. In these patients colonoscopy is done 2-3 months post surgery to identify any synchronous lesion in the colon

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Acute Pancreatitis Diagnosis Treatment

Acute Pancreatitis Causes

Gallbladder stone and Alcohol are two major risk factors for acute pancreatitis. In few cases no cause is identified that is called as idiopathic pancreatitis. Rare causes are toxins, drugs, raised serum calcium level, hypertriglyceridemia., annular pancreas, choledochal cyst

Acute PancreatitisAcute Pancreatitis Symptoms

Pain upper abdomen radiating to back is the most common symptom. Nausea and vomiting are common. Patient may develop respiratory distress and decreased urine output

Acute Pancreatitis Diagnosis

Raised serum and amylase level with typical pain abdomen is sufficient for diagnosis. CECT abdomen is done when there is doubt of diagnosis. If there is no doubt about diagnosis then CECT abdomen is done after 72 hrs of abdomen pain. Pancreatic necrosis if there develop till 72 hrs. CECT also show other peri-pancreatic complications

Pancreatitis Treatment

The main stay of treatment is symptomatic and supportive. I.V fluids and Oxygen therapy is given. Patient is encouraged for oral intake if there is no vomiting. TPN should be started if persistent vomiting. Nasojejunal feed can be started. There is no role for prophylactic antibiotic

Pancreatitis treatment at home

Mild pancreatitis can be treated at home. Patient oral intake should be good. Patient require good analgesia. If patient cannot be managed at home due to excess vomitting and pain then patient should be shifted to hospital where iv fluid supplement can be given

Can Pancreatitis be Cured

Pancreatitis is a self resolving disease which need supportive care. Recurrent episode of pancreatitis can be prevented by treating the cause of pancreatitis

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Hepatic Cancer Treatment Delhi India

Hepatic Cancer Risk Factors

Prevention is always better than cure. Known major risk factors for hepatic cancer are Alcohol, Smoking, Hepatitis B and C Infection, Fatty liver disease. If we quit alcohol and smoking not only liver cancer risk but we can reduce the risk for so many other cancer also. Hepatitis B & C infection spread from one infected person to another through sexual contact, using infected needles and syringes and through blood and blood products, so by taking precautions these infections can also be prevented. Hepatitis B Vaccine is also available. Fatty liver disease is now emerging as the major cause of liver damage and as a liver cancer risk factor. A major cause of the fatty liver disease is obesity and diabetes. Weight control by means of a healthy lifestyle and good diabetic control can reverse it

Hepatic Cancer Symptoms

The symptoms of Liver cancer are right upper abdomen pain, anorexia, and weight loss. Sometimes patients present with symptoms of chronic liver disease such as hematemesis (blood in vomitus), black colored stools, Abdomen distension due to ascites, jaundice and during the investigation they are found to have chronic liver disease along with Liver cancer.

Hepatic CancerHepatic Cancer Screening

Cancer patients survival rate is good if detected and treated at an early stage, In patients of chronic liver disease routine USG and a blood test for alpha fetoprotein level is done every 6 months.These tests can detect cancer at an early stage when the tumor size is small.

Hepatic Cancer Diagnosis

Once Ultrasound suggests a mass lesion in the liver, triple phase CT abdomen. It is done to further delineate the lesion and resectability of cancer. CECT chest is also done for staging purpose

Hepatic Cancer Treatment

Treatment options for liver cancer patients are Surgery, Local ablative procedures, and chemotherapy. Surgery is the preferred one. There are two options in surgery one is liver transplantation and other is liver resection. Liver transplantation is preferred in those patients who have liver cancer on the background of chronic liver disease. The chances of recurrence after liver resection is high in these patients. In 20% of patients liver cancer develops on the background of a normal liver. Liver resection is the treatment of choice in these patients. Local ablative procedures are done when the patient is not fit for surgery and as a bridge to a liver transplant.

Pancreas Cancer Risk Factors Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment

It is known for its poor prognosis.Nearly more than 25,000 new pancreas cancer patients are diagnosed every year in India. It is 13th most common cancer but 5th most common cause of death due to cancer in India. Without treatment, not more than 15% of patient survive for more than a year. With best treatment possible still less than 15% patient survive more than 5 years.

The pancreas is a vital organ of our body which has got two major functions. Firstly it releases certain enzymes which help in digestion.Second, it releases hormones which maintain blood glucose level.

Pancreas CancerPancreas Cancer Risk Factors

Smoking is the most common risk factor. Nearly 75% of patients are chronic smokers and risk equalize to non-smoker after 10 years of quitting it. Alcohol causes the chronic inflammatory condition of the pancreas called chronic pancreatitis which is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Recent studies show long term diabetes is also a risk factor. Pancreas cancer in itself can cause diabetes.

Pancreas Cancer Symptoms

During the early stage, the patient is asymptomatic. Pain is a constant feature which is mild to moderate in intensity and localized to the upper abdomen which may radiate to the back. Anorexia and weight loss are common. Cancer located in the head of the pancreas can cause distal CBD obstruction leading to jaundice and Duodenal obstruction leading to vomiting. Tumor located at body and tail region of the pancreas can grow to a large size without any symptom and may present as lump abdomen.

Pancreas Cancer Diagnosis

Ultrasound is the first investigation in patients presenting with an abdominal complaint. When it suggests a mass lesion in the pancreas, CECT abdomen is done to further delineate the mass. Its relation with surrounding structures and any distant lesions.

Pancreas Cancer Treatment

Once CECT abdomen suggests tumor is resectable surgery is the treatment of choice. In the case of a locally advanced tumor, pre-operative chemoradiotherapy is given. The standard surgical procedure done in case of tumor located in the head of the pancreas is Whipple procedure (pancreaticoduodenectomy). If it is located in the distal part distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy is done

Patient with a head tumor can have jaundice. Pre-operative biliary stenting is done if the bilirubin level is very high, the patient has fever and poor general condition with poor nutrition.