Pancreatic Cancer Jaundice Treatment: What Are Options

Before knowing pancreatic cancer jaundice treatment it is important to know its cause in pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic mass located in the head of pancreas cause jaundice by direct compression over the CBD. Pancreatic cancer in the body and tail region of pancreas can also cause jaundice by lymph nodal mass causing compression at the hepatoduodenal ligament

Cause of Pancreatic Cancer Jaundice

The terminal part of CBD (Common Bile Duct) passes through the head of pancreas.The cancer located at this part causes external compression on the CBD which leads to jaundice.It is associated with passage of pale colored stools, pruritus, anorexia and weight loss.When patient is investigated for such symptoms he is found to have mass in the head of pancreas with bile duct dilatation

Definitive Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer Jaundice Treatment

If the tumor is resectable high bilirubin level in these patients is not a contraindication for surgery. Pancreatic cancer jaundice treatment in these patients is definitive surgical procedure that is whipple procedure or Pancreatico-duodenectomy
What are indications for Pre-operative biliary drainage in these patients to lower down the bilirubin level. Indications are if the patient have fever/bilirubin level more than 20/ pt not fit for surgery in view of malnutrition. Pre-operative ERC with biliary stenting is done. once the pt is fit for surgery definitive surgery is done

Palliative Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer Jaundice Treatment

If the tumor is found to be unresectable intra-operatively then palliative biliary bypass is done most commonly choledocho-jejunostomy is done. Cholecysto-jejunostomy is also an option in these patients.It is combined with gastro-jejunostomy as these patients have gastric outlet obstruction also

Palliative Endoscopic therapy for Pancreatic Cancer Jaundice Treatment

If the pancreatic cancer is unresectable or metastatic then endoscopic therapy for palliation of jaundice is ERC with biliary stenting. Metallic stent is placed instead of plastic stent which has got long life

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