Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: An Overview

Best Pancreatic Cancer Treatment: Surgical Resection by Specialist GI Oncosurgeon

The mainstay of pancreatic cancer treatment is surgical resection if the tumor is localized and the patient is fit for surgery. The incidence of pancreatic cancer is more in male patients. Smoking and alcohol are two important risk factors for pancreatic cancer. Anorexia and weight loss are important symptom and sign of pancreatic cancer. Patient will have jaundice when pancreas cancer is located at the head of pancreas. Tumor at this site cause compression at lower end of common bile duct and causes jaundice. For locally advanced tumors before surgery chemotherapy is given to make tumor resectable. The most common Surgical procedure done is whipple procedure

What is Whipple procedure

Whipple procedure or WPD or Pancreatico-duodenectomy procedure is done for tumors located around periampullary region like head of pancreas, terminal part of CBD, and nearby duodenal areas. In this procedure gallbladder, distal CBD, Duodenum and head of pancreas are removed, then pancreas duct is anastomosed to jejunum (Pancreatico-jejunostomy), Bile duct is anastomosed to jejunum called as (Hepatico-jejunostomy) and then Gastro-jejunostomy is done

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment stage 4

Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer are metastatic. These patients require palliative therapy for symptoms like jaundice/Vomiting/Pain.There are two methods for palliation one is surgical other is endoscopically. If the patient is fit for surgery and tumor is not advanced surgical palliation is done. For vomiting due to gastric outlet obstruction caused by pancreatic had mass obstructing duodenum Gastro-jejunostomy is done. For jaundice biliary bypass is done most commonly hepatic-jejunostomy.
Non-surgical palliative therapy include Endoscopically Biliary stenting for palliation of jaundice. Most commonly metallic stent is placed as it has got long life compared to plastic stent.Stent is placed in the duodenum for gastric outlet obstruction

The main stay of pancreatic cancer treatment for pain is oral analgesia, Celiac axis block is given under ultrasound guidance for severe pain abdomen not managed by either oral or intravenous analgesia

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