Stomach Pain: Symptoms & Investigations

Abdomen pain or stomach pain is pain or discomfort that occur between the rib cage and pelvis. It occur due to pathology in the organs situated in the abdomen cavity. It may also occur due to disease located in organs outside the abdomen cavity or some systemic cause. Abdomen pain occur due to inflammation of these organs or distension of these organs or when there is reduction in the blood supply of organs

Associated symptoms

Associated symptoms along with pain abdomen give clue that pain may occur due to disease involvement of that system. Abdomen pain along with dysuria, frequecy of urine may be due to involvement of urinary system. Vomitting alone may be non-specific. Specific cause of vomitting include gastritis most common cause, intestinal obstruction. Jaundice suggestive of liver disease, most commonly hepatitis. The cause of hepatitis may be viral hepatitis or alcohol hepatitis. Diarrhoea suggestive of colitis

Location of stomach pain

Abdomen is divided into nine quadrants. Pain located to specific quadrant may be due to inflammation or infection in the organ located in that quadrant

Blood Investigations in stomach pain

Complete blood count (CBC), Kidney function test (KFT), Liver Function test (LFT) are blood test which are helpful in stomach pain. In CBC Hemoglobin and total leucocyte count are most helpful. LFT may be deranged suggestive of hepatitis/ obstructive jaundice.KFT are deranged in chronic renal failure patients.

Radiological Investigations in stomach pain

The most common radiological investigation done for any abdomen complaint is ultrasound abdomen. It is easily available, no radiation exposure, not much expensive and non-invasive. Most common cause of abdomen pain are easily diagnosed on ultrasound. CECT abdomen is done if the findings on ultrasound are inconclusive and patient has significant pain abdomen

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