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Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

The standard Gallbladder Cancer Surgery is radical cholecystectomy. Incidence of Gallbladder Cancer is more in North India. Most Commonly seen in old age group and incidence is more in females. Prognosis is poor. Early detection and surgery is best for good survival

  • Symptoms of Gallbladder Cancer

Most common symptom is pain right upper abdomen. Pain is mild to moderate in nature. Anorexia and Weight loss are common.When the tumor is located at Gallbladder Neck it may obstruct the biliary symptom and can cause jaundice

  • Gallbladder Cancer SurgeryDiagnosis of Gallbladder Cancer

Ultrasound Abdomen is the most common investigation done for pain abdomen. It will show mass or thickening in the gallbladder. CECT abdomen is done for planning gallbladder cancer surgery as it show relation of tumor to surrounding structures, any lymph nodes and distant metastases. Fine needle aspiration cytology is not done. The only indication for FNAC is tumor unresectability when chemotherapy is planned

  • Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

Main stay of treatment is Surgery if CECT abdomen suggest tumor is resectable. Gallbladder Cancer Surgery is radical cholecystectomy. In this surgery gallbladder is removed along with liver wedge and lymphadenectomy is done. Cystic duct margin is sent for biopsy intra-op. If biopsy comes to be positive then Common Bile duct excision along with Roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy is done

In Advance or metastatic disease palliative therapy is done. Most common symptom that require palliation is pain abdomen and vomittig. Vomitting occur due to involvement of duodenum. Endoscopically stent is placed across the obstruction site

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