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Laparoscopic Surgeon Delhi: Dr Amit Jain

Dr Amit Jain is Laparoscopic Surgeon Delhi NCR. Laparoscopic surgery is also called as Minimally Invasive Surgery. It is called as minimally invasive as the length of incision is very less. Advantage of less incision is less pain in the post-operative period. Minimal pain helps in early ambulation of patient. Chest infection are reduced. Incidence of deep vein thrombosis has decreased after introduction of laparoscopic surgery. Patient can be discharged early from the hospital

  • Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery is the most common abdomen surgery. Most common indication is Gallbladder stone disease.Surgery is called as Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Gallbladder cancer surgery called as radical cholecystectomy is also done laparoscopically by advance laparoscopic surgeon

  • Laparoscopic surgeon Delhi Noida IndiaColo-Rectal Laparoscopic Surgery 

Colo-Rectal surgery is done most commonly laparoscopically. Commonly benign colo-rectal disease which are done laparoscopically are ileo-cecal tuberculosis,Diverticular disease, Intussusception. Malignant disease are right and left colon cancer and cancer rectum. Surgeries are right and left radical colectomy. Anterior and ultra low anterior resection is done for cancer rectum

  • Hepato-Biliary Laparoscopic Surgery 

Most common hepatobiliary surgery done laparoscopically is Common bile duct exploration for CBD stones. Liver resection are also more commonly done by minimally invasive approach

  • GI Cancer Laparoscopic Surgery 

Initially Laparoscopic Surgery was introduced for benign GI diseases.Most common benign disease done laparoscopically are cholecystectomy and appendectomy. Now we have sufficient data in literature which support laparoscopic GI Cancer Surgery. Literature says that these patients have same long term survival rate as compared to open surgery

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Consult today Dr Amit Jain Best Laparoscopic Surgeon Delhi Noida Ghaziabad Vaishali India, for your queries on Laparoscopy surgery. Visit and like our facebook page Dr Amit Jain Laparoscopic GI Cancer and Bariatric Surgeon to have regular updates on Laparoscopic GI Surgery. Dr Amit Jain is Best GI Surgeon in Noida Delhi NCR

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