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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

The main stay of gallbladder cancer treatment is Surgery. However surgery is possible in few patients only as most cases are diagnosed in advance stage.

  • Surgery as Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

The recommended treatment of choice for gallbladder cancer is surgery. CECT abdomen is done which give fine details of gallbladder cancer with surrounding structures which help to decide about the resectability of gallbladder cancer. The standard surgery for gallbladder cancer is radical cholecystectomy. Cystic duct margin is sent for frozen section during surgery. If it is positive then Common bile duct is also excised. After CBD excision a Roux-en-Y Hepaticojejunostomy is done

  • Gallbladder Cancer TreatmentChemotherapy for Gallbladder Cancer

Chemotherapy is given either as palliative treatment for metastatic gallbladder cancer. It is also given to down stage the tumor if locally advanced but resectable tumor.Generally chemotherapy is less sensitive in gallbladder cancer patients as compared to other GI Cancer

  • Endoscopic Stenting

When unresectable gallbladder cancer present with gastric outlet obstruction palliative endoscopic stenting is done. It is done by gastroenterologist.Another role of gastroenterologist in gallbladder cancer patients are those who have surgical obstructive jaundice.These patients may require endoscopic biliary stenting

  • Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Cost in India

It varies from one hospital to other. It also varies according to patient room category. Generally Cost varies from INR 2 lakhs to INR3.5 lakhs

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