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How to prevent acid reflux naturally

How to prevent acid reflux naturally is most common question by patients who suffer from acid reflux.The best doctor to answer the question how to prevent acid reflux naturally is gastroenterlogist. Incidence of reflux disease has increased.The main cause is change in lifestyle.Physical inactivity and obesity are the main cause of increased incidence. In long term reflux disease is risk factor for esophageal cancer.Best way of reflux disease is prevention. Here are some of ways we can prevent reflux disease

Lose weight

Increased incidence of obesity is the main cause of GERD. Obesity causes GERD in many ways. Pressure on the stomach by excess belly fat, increase in estrogen and development of hiatus hernia

Dietary Modifications to prevent acid reflux naturally

Avoid fatty food, spicy foods, chocolate,coffee, acidic foods like citrus. Eat frequent small meal. Large meals fill the stomach and put pressure on the LES, making reflux and GERD more likely.

Prevent acid reflux naturallyBody Position

Don’t lie down immediately after eating: Gravity normally helps keep acid reflux from developing. With full stomach on lying down acid more easily presses against the LES and flows into the esophagus.
Elevate your bed at Head End Side: This works on the principle of gravity, raising the head end of the bed allow gastric acid down in the stomach because of gravity; just extra pillows does not help much


A number of medications increase risk of GERD.  Medications cause reflux by relaxing the LES or further irritating an already inflamed esophagus . Examples include Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, Calcium channel blockers (often used to treat high blood pressure), Certain asthma medications, including beta-agonists like albuterol, Potassium, Iron tablets

Quit smoking and Alcohol

Nicotine and Alcohol relax the muscles of lower esophageal sphincter

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