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Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver Cancer Treatment
Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver Cancer Treatment depends whether liver cancer develops under the background of normal or diseased liver. Chronic liver disease is risk factor for liver cancer. The main cause of chronic liver disease is alcohol intake, Hepatitis B & C infection, Fatty liver disease. These patients have a very high recurrence rate after liver resection and liver transplant is preferred in these patients if donor is available. Various local ablative procedures are available if patient is not fit for surgery or as palliative treatment for advance cancer

  • Liver Resection as Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver resection is first line of treatment if cancer occur in normal liver and after resection adequate amount of liver volume can be saved for normal liver function. It is said that about 30% of normal liver volume should be left after resection for adequate liver function

  • Liver Transplant as Liver Cancer Treatment

In patients of chronic liver disease who develop liver cancer, transplant is preferred if fulfills the criteria for transplant and donor is available. If there is long waiting list for donor meanwhile liver resection or local ablative procedure can be done
Milan criteria for liver transplant in liver cancer patients is associated with 70% 5 year survival rate. These criteria include a single tumor wth size 5 cm or less, maximum three tumors with size 3 cm or less and without evidence of vascular invasion. If tranplant is done beyond these criteria long term survival rate may not be good

  • Local Ablative Procedures as Liver Cancer Treatment

Ablation means tissue destruction without removing them. This technique is used in liver cancer when there are few small tumors and surgery is not a good option because of poor liver function/ poor health status of patient/ long waiting list for liver transplant. Various ablative procedures available are Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), Microwave ablation (MWA), Cryoablation (Cryotherapy), Ethanol (Alcohol) ablation

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