Treatment of Gallbladder Cancer (Curative or Palliative)

The main stay of treatment of gallbladder cancer is surgery. In Northern part of India the incidence of gallbladder cancer is more as compared to southern part. Because of non-specific symptoms and signs of gallbladder cancer it is diagnosed at very late stage. Because of such high incidence of late diagnosis it carries a very bad prognosis

Curative Surgical Treatment of GallBladder Cancer

On Investigations when gallbladder cancer is found to be resectable and patient being fit for surgery, standard gallbladder cancer surgery is planned. Surgery for gallbladder cancer is radical cholecystectomy. In radical cholecystectomy gallbladder is removed along with the gallbladder liver wedge along with lymph nodes.
Staging laparoscopy is the first step before opening the abdomen. The chances to identify metastases which are missed on CECT abdomen or PET scan is high in case of gallbladder cancer. If any suspicious lesion is identified on staging laparoscopy it is sent for frozen biopsy and if found to be mets then there is no need to proceed for defintive surgery and morbidity of long length incision is avoided

Palliative Surgical Treatment of Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder cancer can involve gastric antrum or duodenum and cause vomitting. In such cases palliative gastro-jejunostomy is done. It can also involve hepatic flexure of colon and cause large bowel obstruction. Some patient present in emergency with features of large bowel obstruction. In such cases either ileo-colic bypass is done or stoma is created depending on patient nutrition status.

Palliative Endoscopic Treatment of Gallbladder Cancer

The gallbladder cancer patients which are found to be metastatic before surgery and are locally advanced in which resection is not possible are candidates for endoscopic palliation of there symptoms. Most commonly these symptoms include jaundice and vomitting. Jaundice can be relieved by endoscopic biliary stent placement. If there is complete biliary obstruction then percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage is done

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