Incidental Gallbladder Cancer: Cancer Found After Gallbladder Removal

What is Incidental Gallbladder Cancer (IGBC)

The term incidental gallbladder cancer means when gallbladder cancer is detected on histopathology by the pathologist following either Laparoscopic cholecystectomy or open cholecystectomy. It carries a good prognosis as gallbladder cancer detected like this are of early stage. Completion radical cholecystectomy is performed in these patients as early as possible

Incidental Gallbladder Cancer

Missed Gallbladder Cancer

When there is doubt of Gallbladder cancer pre-operatively and these patients are not further investigated for same and on histopathology gallbladder cancer is detected it is termed as missed gallbladder cancer. The term missed gallbladder cancer also applies when gallbladder specimen after removal is not cut intra-op and its mucosa is not examined and histopathology comes out to be Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder Cancer Detected After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy / Cancer Found After Gallbladder Removal ? Whats Next

Once diagnosed to have gallbladder cancer on biopsy report, further treatment depends on the stage of cancer. PET scan is done to rule out metastatic disease. If it is not metastatic and beyond T1a stage then completion radical cholecystectomy surgery is done. In this Gallbladder Liver bed is resected along with standard lymphadenectomy. Cystic duct margin is send for frozen if its status is not clear on previous biopsy report. If it comes to be positive then CBD exicision along with Roux-en-Y Hepatico-jejunostomy is done

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