Who is Best Gallbladder stone Doctor

The incidence of Gallbladder stone has increased as Ultrasound abdomen has become very common investigation for pain abdomen. Best Gallbladder stone doctor is the Laparoscopic surgeon as the recommended treatment is surgery

Symptoms due to gallbladder stone

Pain which is localized to right upper abdomen is the most common complain. Pain occur due to cystic duct obstruction caused by stone and is colicky in nature. The pain of biliary colic generally last less than 4 hr and if pain persists then patient may have associated cholecystitis. Sometimes patient present with symptoms due to associated stone complications like jaundice,cholangitis, pancreatitis

Diagnosis of Gallbladder Stone

Any kind of pain abdomen because it is non-invasive ultrasound abdomen is the investigation of choice. USG abdomen can show stones in the gallbladder and other any associated disease like CBD stone. Indication for MRI/MRCP is deranged LFTs with dilated CBD and no common bile duct stone in USG. MRI/MRCP is more sensitive for detection of Common bile duct stones then USG abdomen. Even in some case when there is doubt EUS ia also done

Best gallbladder stone doctor

Best gallbladder stone doctor is the laparoscopic surgeon as recommended treatment worldwide is surgery. Minimally invasive surgery is another name of Laparoscopic surgery as the incision used is minimum. Advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that there is less pain after the surgery. Less pain allow early mobilization of patient and early discharge from the hospital. From next day onwards patient can do all his normal day to day activities

Dietary precautions after Gallbladder removal surgery

Patient is advised not to have high fat diet for next 2-3 months after surgery. Pt can have normal fat intake but not in excessive amount.


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