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Liver is vital organ of our body with so many functions. Small amount of fat is normal in the liver, but in excessive amount it can damage the liver and hamper its function; Fatty liver is the most common USG finding done for abdomen complain. It will be the main cause of liver disease in next decade

Fatty Liver Symptoms

Early disease does not cause any symptom but if it progress to second stage liver damage that is liver inflammation medically called as steatohepatitis patients may develop symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, pain abdomen and fatigue and if not taken care at this stage it may progress to liver cancer and chronic liver damage and have symptoms of liver failure such as jaundice, bleeding from GI tract, ascites, confusion and so on.

What Causes Fatty Liver

Most common cause in present era is obesity. As the incidence of obesity has increased so the incidence. Alcohol intake, diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia are other causes


Liver function tests may be deranged but these does not confirm. Ultrasound abdomen and CT scan can detect fat but the severity of injury is determined by Liver biopsy


The first line treatment recommended by liver specialist is to reduce risk factors such as avoiding alcohol intake, reduce weight, control diabetes. Regular exercise and healthy food is enough for further progress of this disease. there is no proven role of any medication .If liver damage reach to last stage of chronic liver disease with cirrhosis then only option remains is liver transplantation

Fatty Liver Diet

It is basically high protein, low carbohydrate and fat diet Fatty Liver Remedies