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Laparoscopic Surgery: Indications In Gallbladder Disease

  • Laparoscopic Surgery for Gallstone

Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery for Gallstone

Gallstones is the most common surgical gallbladder disease. It is the most common indication for laparoscopic surgery for abdomen disease.USG abdomen is the best investigation for diagnosis of gallbladder stones. Most commonly patient present with biliary colic.The standard treatment for gallstones is laparoscopic cholecystectomy.Gallstones can cause various complications like jaundice, cholangitis, pancreatitis. There is no role for medicine in the management.Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a day care surgery in which patient is operated early in the morning and can be discharged on same day by evening. From next day onwards patient can do all his day to day normal activities. There is no special diet after gallbladder  removal.Patient has to avoid excess fat in the diet for next 2-3 months post-surgery

  • Laparoscopic Surgery for Gallbladder Cancer

It is the surgical gallbladder disease which if detected early and treated carries a good prognosis. Most common symptom of gallbladder cancer is pain right upper abdomen along with anorexia and weight loss. Patient can have jaundice if gallbladder mass most likely at neck compress the biliary symptom.If there is doubt of gallbladder cancer on ultrasound CECT abdomen should be done. There is no role of FNAC if the gallbladder cancer is resectable. The standard surgery for gallbladder cancer is radical cholecystectomy in which gallbladder is removed along with liver wedge and standard lymphadenectomy is done. Earlier cancer surgery was not done laparoscopically in fear of port site metastases. Now we have sufficient data in literature which supports that even cancer surgery can be done laparoscopically with early benefits of minimally invasive approach and long term same survival rate compared to open surgery. Gallbladder cancer surgery is also being done laparoscopy in early stage cancers

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Multispeciality Gallbladder Cancer Management

Gallbladder Cancer Management is team work of GI Oncosurgeon, GI Oncologist, Gastroenterologist and Intervention radiologist.Once patient is diagnosed to have gallbladder cancer further management depend on pre-operative staging of the cancer

  • Role of GI Oncosurgeon in Gallbladder Cancer Management
Gallbladder Cancer

If the tumor is resectable, first line of management is surgery. The standard surgical procedure performed for gallbladder cancer is radical cholecystectomy. In this surgery gallbladder is removed along with liver bed and lympadenectomy is done. Staging laparoscopy is first step. There is high incidence of metastases which are missed on pre-operative imaging, which can be detected on staging laparoscopy and morbidity of long incision can be avoided

  • Role of GI Medical Oncologist in Gallbladder Cancer Management

If the cancer is metastatic on imaging then palliative chemotherapy is given. For locally advance cancer but not metastatic pre-operative chemotherapy is given to downstage the tumor and make it resectable.Once cancer seems resectable surgery is done
Chemotherapy is given in the post-op period if the tumor is beyoned certain stage

  • Role of Gastroenterologist in Gallbladder Cancer Management

Patients who are not surgical candidates either because tumor is locally advanced or metastatic or poor peformance status, these patients if have jaundice or vomitting require endoscopic palliation. Jaundice occur when the tumor compress the biliary system and vomitting occur either due to antro-pyloric or duodenal obstruction. Endoscopic Biliary and duodenal stenting is done in these patients. Jaundice and vomitting are relieved after stenting in these patients

  • Role of Intervention Radiologist in Gallbladder Cancer Management

There role comes when palliative endoscopic biliary stenting is not possible because there is complete blockage of biliary system. In these patients percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage is done to relief jaundice

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Gastrointestinal Cancer: An Overview

Gastrointestinal CancerThe incidence of gastrointestinal cancer is increasing. Reason being change in lifestyle, dietary habits, increased alcohol intake and smoking.The prognosis of gastrointestinal cancer patients is good if it is detected early and treated at early stage.Anorexia and weight loss are common symptom in cancer patients, along these symptoms with some GI symptoms if present should not be ignored and doctor should be consulted. There are various screening programmes for early detection of colo-rectal and liver cancer. These programmes are done for high risk patients. Screening Colonoscopy is done for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, family history of colo-rectal cancer diagnosed at early age. Regular ultrasound is done in chronic liver disease patients. Neo-adjuvant therapy for locally advance cancer of esophagus, rectum and pancreas has shown good result. Pre-operative biliary drainage is done in patients with high bilirubin who require liver resection

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer

It include cancer of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and small intestine.Dysphagia, Vomitting,melena are common symptom. Upper GI Endoscopy is helpful for diagnosis. CECT chest and abdomen for staging.

  • Lower Gastrointestinal Cancer

Cancer of the colon and rectum are lower gastrointestinal cancer. Most common symaptoms are altered bowel habits, blood in stool. Diagnosis is made by Colonoscopy. CECT abdomen for staging.MRI is done for cancer rectum There is role of Neoadjuvant therapy in locally advance rectal cancer.Surgery is the treatment of choice if cancer is resectable

  • Hepato-Biliary GI Cancer

It include cancer of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct and pancreas. Patient have symptom of right sided pain abdomen with jaundice. CECT abdomen along with MRCP is helpful to delineate biliary anatomy

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Gallbladder Cancer Risk Factors: Are You

All Cancers have some risk factors. Some can be changed such as alcohol,obesity and smoking. Some cannot be changed like family history and age. Most of the gallbladder cancer risk factors are non-modifiable. Having a risk factor does not indicate that definitely patient will get cancer and few patients develop cancer without any risk factor
But definetly presence of risk factors increases the chances of getting cancer. Various gallbladder cancer risk factors have been identified

  • Gallstones: Common Among various Gallbladder Cancer Risk Factors

Among many gallbladder cancer risk factors one is gallbladder stones. More than 70% of patients with gallbladder cancer have gallstones when they’re diagnosed.The incidence of gallbladder cancer is rare as compared to gallstones as most patients with gallbladder stones will never have gallbladder cancer

  • Porcelain gallbladder

It is a condition where gallbladder wall is covered with deposits of calcium.Can occur after chronic cholecystitis or long term inflammation of the gallbladder

  • Female gender

The incidence of gallbladder cancer is more in females as compared to men.It may be correlated with increased incidence of gallstones and inflammation in the gallbladder in females

Gallbladder Cancer Risk Factors
Gallbladder Cancer Risk Factors


It has been found that gallbladder cancer patients are obese or overweight. Gallstones are also more common in obese patients which may also explain the high risk for gallbladder cancer in these patients

  • Older age

As most cancer develop in old age same with gallbladder cancer.But incidence is increasing in young population also. In this age group it has been found that gallbladder cancer is more aggressive. Reason may be dietary and life style change

  • Ethnicity and geography

Worldwide, Incidence of gallbladder cancer is more in Central America, Pakistan and India. In India it is more common in North as compared to south

  • Choledochal cyst

These are cystic dilatation of biliary channels which are congenital

  • Gallbladder polyps

The incidence of Gallbladder cancer is more in gallbladder polyps which are more than 1cm in size, single polyp and sessile

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Gallstone: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Gallstone disease is common and its incidence is more in female. The Treatment of choice for gallstone is surgery. The Standard Gallbladder Operation is called Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in which whole of the gallbladder is removed. As mostly it is done laparoscopically it is called as laparoscopic cholecystectomy. There is no role of medications in the treatment of Gallbladder stones. The rate of complications due to gallstones does not depend on the number and size of stones

  • What causes Gallstones

There are various theories regarding the formation of Gallstone. There is no definitive preventive method.

  • Gallstone Diagnosis

The mainstay of gallstone diagnosis is Ultrasound Abdomen. It will detect the number and size of gallstones. Any associated stones in the Common Bile Duct. Thickening in the gallbladder wall. If there is any doubt of gallbladder cancer on ultrasound CECT abdomen should be done

Gallbladder stone treatment
  • Gallbladder Stone Treatment

The standard Gallbladder Stone Operation is surgical removal of the Gallbladder. Unlike kidney stones in which only stones are removed in case of gallstones, the gallbladder is removed. The gallbladder has no major function in our body. Gallbladder which is being removed is already diseased one and dose not effect our digestion

  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Lap cholecystectomy is the most common abdominal surgery. It is daycare surgery in which surgery is done in the early morning and the patient can be discharged by the evening. From next day onwards patient can do all his daily normal activities

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Gallbladder Stone Complications: What Gallstones Can Do

Gallbladder stone disease is common.Ultrasound abdomen is the commonest investigation for any abdomen complaint. The result being the incidence of asymptomatic gallstones is also increasing. Incidence of Gallbladder stones is more in females. There are various theories about formation of gallbladder stones.

  • Gallbladder Stone ComplicationsGallbladder Stone Complications

It is said that in 90% of patients the first complaint of Gallstones is right upper abdomen pain. After the first episode the frequency of pain abdomen increases and so the complication rate. In 10% of patients, the first presentation can be one of the complications of Gallbladder Stone. The complications of gallbladder stone include Jaundice/Cholangitis/pancreatitis/Cancer Gallbladder/fistulous communication to nearby organs, when the stone in the gallbladder pass to common bile duct through cystic duct patient can have just jaundice if it simply obstruct the CBD lumen and prevent passage of bile from CBD to duodenum. This obstruction when leads to infection patient will have fever and it is called as cholangitis. Cholangitis is a serious condition and patient may develop septic shock and require urgent biliary drainage.

  • Biliary pancreatitis

It is another life threatening complication. Passage of stone lower down causes temporary blockage of pancreatic secretions and can cause biliary pancreatitis.

Long-standing inflammation anywhere in the body predispose to cancer so in case of Gallbladder Stone. Gallbladder stone is known risk factor for Gallbladder Cancer. Incidence of cancer is very minimal. This is not an indication for surgery in asymptomatic gallstone patients.

  • Treatment 

The standard treatment is Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Advantage of laparoscopy surgery is less pain and early discharge. It is day care surgery in which patient can be discharged on same day of surgery

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Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms You Must Know

Gallbladder Cancer incidence is more in Northern part of India. It is important to know gallbladder cancer symptoms. If we know these symptoms we may consult to doctor early and have early diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment is key for long term survival rate in gallbladder cancer patients.

  • Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

The most common Gallbladder cancer symptom is pain localized to right upper abdomen. Anorexia and weight loss are common symptoms as seen in other cancer. Gallbladder cancer patients can present with gastric outlet obstruction symptom that is vomiting. It occur when gallbladder cancer involve gastric antrum or pylorus or duodenum. When cancer involve hilum it can cause biliary obstruction leading to jaundice. This jaundice is called as surgical obstructive jaundice. Its feature are generally it is painless, dark colored urine and pale colored stools. Gallbladder cancer can involve hepatic flexure of colon. When it involve colon patient present with feature of large bowel obstruction like abdomen distension, non-passage of flatus and motion. Metastatic gallbladder cancer present with abdomen distension in the form of ascites.

  • Gallbladder Cancer SymptomsGallbladder Cancer Diagnosis

When patient present with gallbladder cancer symptoms first line of investigation is USG whole abdomen. It will detect any mass in the gallbladder or any focal thickening. CECT abdomen is done for local tumor invasion and distant metastases.

The standard treatment is surgery if tumor is resectable. Surgery done is radical cholecystectomy in which Gallbladder is removed along with Liver wedge and lyphadenectomy is done.

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